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Putnam Institute is a research and educational organization funded by Putnam Investments. Its focus is primarily on investment theory and practice related to retirement and educational savings and lifelong income provisions. It aims to critically examine key investment theories, strategies, and assumptions, and suggests changes that may achieve better outcomes for companies, institutions, plan sponsors, investment advisors, and individual investors. The Institute seeks to have an impact on the investment, academic, and policymaking communities by sharing its studies, seminars, and other educational events with the public, the media, and government officials. The Institute has a bias toward practical action, based on its core belief: There are no "perfect" solutions; but well-grounded research and practical experience can guide an unending process of innovation and improvement.

Improving the outlook for a successful retirement: A case for downside hedging

Defined contribution plans: Missing the forest for the trees?
W. Van Harlow, Ph.D., CFA

In this paper, Dr. Harlow assesses the potential impact of different factors on an individual's retirement portfolio. Among fund selection, asset allocation, rebalancing, and higher deferral rates, deferral rates appear to matter most.

W. Van Harlow, Ph.D., CFA, Director of Research

W. Van Harlow,
Ph.D., CFA
Director of Research

Dr. Harlow is Director of Research at Putnam Investments. In his role, he is responsible for creating products and services that seek to address key investment goals. He also develops asset allocation tools and planning methodologies used by financial advisors, consultants, and plan sponsors in the retirement and institutional markets. Continue

Advisory board

Professor Keith C. Brown, Ph.D., CFA
Financial economist
University of Texas

Daniel P. Cassidy, FSA, CFA
Cassidy Retirement Group

Professor Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D.
Aging expert
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Christopher P. Hennessey, LL.M., CPA
Financial and estate planning
Babson College

Guy L. Patton
Endowments and foundations
University of Oklahoma Foundation

Professor Meir Statman, Ph.D.
Behavioral economist
Santa Clara University